Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Welcome to the Milan English blog

Hi! This is the first post on the Milan English blog, created by Robert Dennis, an English teacher based in Milan. If you are studying English - or if you are an EFL teacher - you may find this blog useful. (The level of the language is quite high, so beginners may want to try something a little easier.)

The Milan English blog will cover lots of English-related topics, such as:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Using English
  • Where to find online materials
  • Self-study resources
  • Links to useful English-language websites and blogs
  • Cultural notes and discussions about Britain and the US
  • Anything that crops up (Phrasal verb: happens / appears by chance) in class

Please feel free to comment, ask questions about English, make suggestions about how to use the material on this blog and post links to anything you think other learners (or teachers) might find useful.

A few quick points about netiquette (good manners on the web):

  • Keep comments relevant and related to English, learning English and related topics.
  • This is a publically-viewable blog, so anything you write here can be viewed by anyone.
  • In the spirit of Web 2.0 (the "social web") all the ideas and comments will be of benefit to people studying English anywhere in the world - so if you comment here you are contributing to a global conversation about English.
  • Talk about yourself and your interests, but remember that once that you publish something to the web anyone can read it - and it will always be out there.
  • Obviously, avoid making derrogatory or inflammatory remarks that could cause offence.
  • Please respect copyright. Don't cut and paste huge chunks of copyright material from existing websites or blogs. Write a short introduction and use a link to the site or blog you are referring to. (Similarly, if you reading this on the web, please don't copy whole blocks of text. Show some link love by using a hyperlink to the Milan English blog. Thanks.)

Have fun! The most important thing about learning English is to enjoy it. Get involved in the discussions, ask an English-related question and practise expressing your opinions.

I hope you will find this blog useful and I welcome any comments or queries you may have about any of the English topics raised here.

Best wishes,
Robert Dennis

Milan, October 2009

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